Meet our Cloth muse Emily

Name: Emily Theobald

Age: 27

Location: Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

Profession: Fashion Director at Golly Magazine, freelance stylist, film photographer, vintage clothing hoarder with a degree in Fashion Design


Cloth Username: emilyrosetheo

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Emily: Ever changing. One week I will want to dress straight out of the Edwardian era in all whites and lots of layers lace, the next it’s all 505 Levis and vintage tee shirts. I certainly like to explore, and I feel like I can fit a lot of different looks. I love to explore pattern mixing and incorporating texture with layering whenever possible. But no matter where I wander with my style, I always seem to settle back into a relaxed 70s look by default.

Cloth: How did you come up with the idea for your blog and what are some outcomes from having your blog that you didn’t expect?

Emily: It can be a bit of a long winded story if I don’t watch myself haha. I guess it all started in 2006 on a Flickr community called Wardrobe_Remix. Very much like what Cloth offers, the members would post daily outfits, but focusing primarily around vintage and thrifted clothing with the idea of “remixing” items with different outfits. I met a lot of my early blogging friends there, it was a really great community where everyone was super supportive and the idea of looking at style as an art form vs. fashion as a consumer was encouraged. Anyhow! The natural progression from there seemed to be making a blog of your own, so I started one in Jaunary 2010 and for the next few years tried my best to capture my daily outfits with a self timer and a tripod. I think I wanted it to be a style journal, I never wrote too much in each post, keeping things more image heavy. I would certainly say I would not be where I am today without that blog. It opened me up to a lot of opportunities, I have met some really amazing people, and it showed me that one does not need to climb the fashion hierarchy in order to get ahead and be noticed.

Cloth: At what age did you gain you interest in fashion?

Emily: Hmm, I would have to say around 12 years old. In Newsday there was an article about Diane Von Furstenburg and Carolina Herrera that showed off some of their fashion sketches. I began trying to copy them and learn how to draw a fashion figure so I could dream up outfits for her. There were a lot of cats on my designs then haha. I grew up shopping at thrift stores and discovered vintage clothing on the racks and just sort of got swept away in it. I guess you can say I have always wanted to work with clothing in some capacity. Except for when I wanted to be a pet shop owner.

Cloth: Tell us why you moved to NYC and what impact it has had on your life so far?

Emily: I moved to Brooklyn end of summer 2011, but I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, so I always felt pretty close to here. I moved out here with my boyfriend at the time, he got a job in the city and I guess it gave us that extra push to do it. It had been the plan for a while, there just ain’t much goin on out there in Suffolk County.

Cloth: What general life/and or business advice do you have to share?

Emily: If you want to get into the fashion industry, just know that there is a place for you, you just have to believe in yourself. It can be intimidating, but having drive and passion will get you far, and it never goes unnoticed. And this life advice can also be used as business advice, but always stay true to yourself. Be honest and unapologetic. And above all, give love freely to others, and accept love into your life as well. Passing on some positive energy and good vibes whenever possible will bring you good juju. Oh, and forgiveness, it’s is usually hard earned, but in the end holding onto a grudge will only bring you down.

Meet Brynn

Name: Brynn Elliott Watkins

Age: 24

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Profession: Founder of & Stylist &

Cloth Username: BeingElliott

Cloth: Tell us about a typical day in your life?

Brynn: Right now my days have been anything but typical. My office can be virtually anywhere, if I am not on-set.  On treasured days in my home office, I like to start off with a spot of tea, do research and develop features online and then work diligently on projects until around 5 p.m. If I'm working on location, my schedule can get hectic. It's hard to carve out down time to create.  I've been reading this wonderful book called "Daily Rituals" by Mason Currey which gives me good ideas. The book features creative people and how these past and present greats have found time to do their best work. I am inspired! 

Cloth: Where do you draw your inspiration for your aesthetic?

Brynn: I draw inspiration from everything! - From the runway to the laundry room, inspiration can come from any place. I find this can be the most fun part about it. Everyone should be on the lookout for ideas from family, heritage, home, surroundings, nature, friends and even the most unusual and, sometimes, difficult situations!  

Cloth What are your three favorite things about living in New York City ?  

Brynn: The Food: My favorite restaurants are Palma & Extra Virgin (also Papa Johns...a guilty pleasure)
The Energy: I love how everyone has this drive to move forward.
The People: Some of the most genuine & interesting souls in the world reside here. 

Cloth: Tell us about your blog name and how you got into blogging?

Brynn: I needed an outlet for my creative juices. Blogging seemed like the perfect solution. My blog name comes from my middle name, which is my beautiful grandmother's maiden name. Grandma Beth Elliott was vibrant,colorful and stylish.  -Oh, how I wish she could see my blog today! She would love it! Blogging is a personal journey for me. I love interacting with my viewers and creative minds in the industry. I love hearing their stories. I feel  this furthers my own story in a rich, fulfilling way. 

My work with Being Elliott focuses on telling others about the amazing world of fashion and design, as well as the joy and artistic pleasure found in ordinary things.  I want to give my readers inspiration and a smile every day. I hope my viewers can sit back and read my blog when they are looking for an outlet for inspiration and self expression.

Cloth: Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

Brynn: Yes, of course! My husband, Aaron Lee Craig, is a gifted and highly creative film director and producer. I recently collaborated on a film with Aaron and his company, We are Films, that is premiering January 20 at the Harvey Theater in Brooklyn. The film is called "Round-Up" and is a project curated by the very talented musician Sufjan Stevens. 

I was so blessed to contribute as the stylist for the project. It was such an amazing creative process to be a part of. I loved seeing the finished product come together! "Round-Up" will be featured at  the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) from Jan 20-25 at the Harvey Theater.