Meet Kristi

Name: Kristi Scarrozzo

Age: 26

Location: NYC

Profession: Fashion Blogger/Stylist/Consultant


Cloth Username: theladyk

Kristi Scarrozzo

Cloth: What age did you get started on your fashion journey and what has inspired you along the way?

Kristi: My fashion journey started as a young girl. I would watch my grandmother and mother sew and make these elaborate and beautiful garments. They both ended up teaching me how to sew and it all just blew up from there. I loved everything about fashion; from creating my own outfits I couldn’t buy, to re-constructing and deconstructing garments to make into other unique pieces. I always wore things that people questioned and embraced trends that the normal person wouldn’t. My constant inspiration is older women and men. We look to vintage stores and online resources to show us vintage looks, when in truth all we have to do is walk outside and look to our elders! I take occasional trips to the Upper East Side to see some of New York’s finest older women and men to see them channeling the eras we research, but they lived in.

Cloth: How has living in New York City affected your personal style?

KristiNew York City is constantly stimulating. The moment you walk outside your door, you are viewing so many people, things, and moments that show you that you can really wear anything you want. New York City has allowed me to test the waters and when I had a thought to wear something out of the box, I did. My six years in NYC as been a trial and error session to find what I really like, need and love in my closet and life.

Cloth: What are three items of clothing in your wardrobe you can't live without?

Kristi: My life revolves around my leather and fur. My three items would be my quilted leather jacket, my vintage fur coat(s) and my 90’s black leather backpack, Clueless style!

Kristi Scarrozzo

Cloth: What vintage trend do you wish would come back in style? Fanny Packs! You see them come in and out of style but a black leather fanny pack, not too big but just the right size is PERFECT.

KristiWhat is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing?

ClothSavers, Goodwill and Salvation Army. People get rid of so many amazing things but consumers aren’t willing to work to find them at these stores. Take an hour or so and really dig through these stores and you will 100% find a hidden gem or two. My best goodwill find was a Vintage Chanel Cosmetic Bag for $1.99.