Meet Lary

NameLary Rauh

Age: 14

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Schooling: I'm still going to school, but I'll probably study fashion design and journalism.  

Cloth username:  LaryRauh

Cloth: How would you characterize your personal style?

Lary: To be honest I have no idea, how I could characterize my style. It changes frequently, sometimes I like this and sometimes that. One week I want to dress like a princess, another week like a punk. That's what I love about fashion: you don't have to commit yourself. You can wear what you want, whenever you want. But to come to the point, I can say that I'm in love with velvet, lace, punk influences and color combinations, also business touched outfits comply with my taste.

ClothWhat is your favorite vintage era and why?

LaryI really like the 50's and 60's, because people in those centuries attached great importance to their look and fashion. I also love watching movies created in those centuries. It feels like they dispense elegance or something like that. The baroque age is an interesting era for sure. 

Cloth: What fictional or historical personality has the best style?

LaryCoco Chanel, of course, but I love the style of Scarlett in "gone with the wind" as well.

Cloth: As a designer, where do you find your inspiration?

Lary: That's a quite difficult question. It varies where my inspiration comes from. For example I see garment and let it influence in my designs, maybe the material or even the cut. Another example: I take the silhouette of a blazer or a similar thing and turn it into a dress. But for the most part I just have to go out, watch people or read a book. Then my brain forms a 3D model of a new garment.

Cloth: In terms of your own designs what can we expect to see next?

LaryAt the moment I'm really into dark autumn colors like mustard yellow, dark blue, black and burgundy.  So I'm going to use many of those colors the next time. But I also set myself the goal to make some more elaborate projects, in other words: complicated cuts, embroideries, more applications and so on.