Meet Malin

Name: Malin Z

Age: 23

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Schooling: On the finish line of graduating with a bachelor in Performing Arts Design

Cloth Username: malintoashes

Cloth: Tell us a little bit about your style?

Malin: I wear a lot of black. I'm very choosy with what particular garments I put on, but I'm not really that narrow minded when it comes to general style. My main goal is to always look more or less edgy. I never want anyone to look at me and think I look basic, or like I don't care about what I wear.

Cloth: You mention in your blog you consider yourself feminist, what does that mean for you and your blog, can you explain your worldview on feminism?

Malin: It doesn't mean much for my blog in itself. I try to keep that sort of stuff away from that particular platform as much as I can. But sometimes it bleeds through anyway, because it is something that is very defining for me as a real life person. Being a feminist for me means that I believe that there is an oppression of women, people of color and LGBT-people, both structural and in social situations, that needs to be dealt with on a larger scale than on an individual level, so that we can even begin to reach some sort of equality. Now, since I'm from Sweden and or political system is slightly different from that of the US, I will not go into details on how I personally think it should be dealt with. Although, of course, I do also believe that as an individual you have a responsibility to view your actions critically in relation to this, and be aware of the privileges you might have. You might not feel oppressed in your everyday life, but there are others that are. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. 

Cloth: What fictional or historical personality has the best style?

Malin: I'm a sci-fi geek and super into futurism, so I can't really bring myself to pick something historical. For fictional I have to say I'm very fond of the entire wardrobe theme of Joss Whedon's Firefly. 

Cloth: In terms of travel, what are your favorite place you have been or wanting to go to?

Malin: I've traveled a lot in my life so far with my family, and my favorite place to holiday is the French Riviera. I have so many fond memories from there. Although, my sister and I have a pact where we're trying to travel to a country we've never been before each year, so it doesn't look like I'll be going back anytime soon.

Cloth: Describe a typical day in your life.

Malin: Either I get up at stupid o'clock, work all day and then crash in front of the computer as soon as I get home, watching some TV-shows, browse tumblr, read fanfiction, and blog. Or if I have the day off I like to sleep in and maybe go to the mall or meet up with a friend for coffee, just to get out of the house for a while. I don't lead a very exciting life.