Meet Kyle

Name: Kyle Rodriguez

Age: 23

Location: Manila, Philippines

Profession: Fashion Blogger / Student at SBCA

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Kyle Rodriguez

Cloth: How would you characterize your personal style?

Kyle: Trendy and edgy, but always with a classic feel. I love mixing and matching different colors and patterns but I always make sure that the end result is chic and looks pulled together. My style is an outward reflection of my inner mood and emotions, so it always changes from time to time.

ClothWhat is the inspiration behind your blog name?

KyleMy blog is called The Stylish Bipolar and it just stems from the fact that my personal style is very unpredictable. It can go from "classic preppy" to "rockstar chic" and then shift to "bohemian" depending on what I'm feeling on a particular day. There are times when you'll see me looking extremely sophisticated in a structured blazer, but then there are other times when I look like a little rebel decked out in studs and ripped jeans.

ClothWhat fictional or historical personality has the best style?

KyleFor me, it's definitely Jackie O! She was such a sophisticated lady and always looked polished and classy. To this day, people still get inspired by her style and her sense of fashion and I think that her considerable influence speaks for itself.

ClothWhat vintage trend do you wish would come back in style?

KyleI find myself unable to choose one because I strongly feel that fashion is a cyclical process. Everything that has been done before is already being done again right now, and this cycle will continue for decades and decades to come. Vintage trends have come and gone, and then they come back eventually.

Cloth: What are your plans for the future in terms of profession?

Kyle: As of now, I am concentrating on my blogging and building it up into an established business and platform within the fashion industry. In the future, I am working hard in order to become a fashion journalist and maybe a stylist on the side.

Kyle Rodriguez