Meet Courtney

Name: Courtney Kornegay

Age: 29

Location: NYC

Profession: Live Host/Emcee, Personality and Blogger

Cloth Username: theCourtWalk

Cloth: How would you characterize your personal style?

CourtneyCasual Chic; I like to always look effortless yet put together

Cloth: Living in Los Angles and now New York City, what would you say is the biggest difference between the two, in terms of fashion?

CourtneyLos Angeles fashion is a lot more can go to an event and see a girl with denim and a tshirt while looking like a million bucks. It embodies the slightly more relaxed lifestyle, I love that. Whereas NYC fashion gives you a more polished look...tailored and dapper. New Yorkers enjoy dressing up which I love as well.

Cloth: What is your favorite item of clothing to wear right now?

Courtney: Long t shirts; I go into fazes with my style from time to time and Im all about layering long pieces with different lengths. I enjoy being able to wear pieces over and over again.

Courtney Kornegay

Cloth: Who are your favorite designers of the moment?

Courtney: Fear of God Los Angeles

Cloth: How did you get started with your blog and what inspires your vision for it?

CourtneyI started my blog as I realized that I was receiving more likes on my instagram from outfit pictures that I would post. So I decided to launch courtwalk as a platform for my personal style as well as video content that I create and produce, which allows me to stay sharp on my hosting skills. Im inspired by my passion to do what I love, hosting. It is a way for me to be creative and share what I want without any boundaries. This is my journey in NY as I break into TV and more.

Courtney Kornegay