Meet Elifnaz

Name: Elifnaz Kuşkaya

Age: 23

Location: İstanbul

 Schooling: studying Archeology / Translation and Interpreting French


Cloth Username: Belle Melange

Cloth: What age did you get started on your fashion journey and what has inspired you along the way?

ElifnazActually, I've not always had a great passion for fashion. When I went to college at the age of 19 in Paris, the city's unique style and street fashion helped my interest in fashion. However, it took time to find my own style. During this period, lots of things inspired me. First of all, I was inspired by effortless elegance of French women. I almost tried every single style including 70's bohemian style, 60's ladylike style. In the mean time, I found fashion blogs on the internet and I decided to start my own blog.

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

ElifnazI would describe my style as minimalist, simple and elegant. I like monochromatic colour combinations but sometimes I add a pop of different colour to my outfits. I also love the mixing of feminine with more masculine pieces.

Cloth: What are three items of clothing in your wardrobe you can't live without?

ElifnazDenim shirt, white basic t-shirt and skinny leather pants are my favourite pieces because there are so many ways to wear them.


Cloth: How has living in Turkey affected your style?

Elifnaz: In fact, describing and understanding Turkey is quite difficult. It reflects exoticism of the east and modernity of the west at the same time. Here, you can find every kind of people. This country is elegant and unique with historical buildings and culture. Therefore, this cultural variety makes me combine different styles, but of course in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing, where you live now?

ElifnazI am a big lover of online shopping. However, I mostly can find nice products in Zara according to my style. I can also find nice pieces in abroad and especially in local shops which is located seaside towns of Turkey. I live in İstanbul now.