Meet Emma and Miki

Name: Emma

Age: 16

Location: Boston, MA

Schooling: Highschool

Cloth UsernamePetiteMaisonOfFashion

Name: Miki

Age: 18

LocationBoston, MA

Schooling: Highschool

Cloth UsernamePetiteMaisonOfFashion

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Cloth: How did you two meet?

E&M: We met the first week of school in a chorus group. While taking the PSATs, we decided to start a fashion blog. We aren't just blogging partners but also best friends.

Cloth: What ages did you start blogging?

E&MEmma was 15 and Miki was 16 years old.

Cloth: Miki, what vintage trend do you wish would come back in style?

Miki: Knee length flare skirts. Vintage is such a great way to mix modern pieces from H&M or Free People with other pieces that have a story and that have "lived".

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Cloth: Emma, describe a typical day in your life?

Emma: When I'm not at school, I like to hangout with friends (especially Miki), dance, work on the blog by writing outfit posts or going on fun photo shoots. I love taking pictures for my film photography class or noting ideas about a piece for my creative writing class. I just learned to longboard, so I'll go out and practice with my brother.

Cloth: What are your plans for the future in terms of profession for both of you?

E&M: Emma would like to work in the fashion industry. She likes writing and photography which means landing a job for Vogue or Glamour, French or English since she's bilingual, would be her dream job. Emma loves sharing her knowledge with others, if it's tutoring younger students in French or helping them with math. Being a teacher might be another possible job.

Miki's dream job would be working as a writer. She is a writing TA for sixth and seventh graders at our school, teaching a class, two periods a week. Another option would be teaching, for the above reasons and also sharing her love for the subjects.