Meet Motilayo

Name: Motilayo Williams

Age: 17

Location: The Netherlands

Profession: All Round Styling Student


Cloth Username: xMothii


Cloth: How would you characterize your personal style?

Mothi: Simple and comfortable.

ClothDoes living in Amsterdam influence how you dress?

Mothi Yes, I think it does. I see so much inspiration around me whenever I go to school (culture,weather, vibes) they make me want to experiment more with fashion.  

ClothWhat item of clothing in your closet has the best origin story?

Mothi: Some of my clothing were from my dad or mom. And with a lot of them they wanted to give it to me before, but I said I could never wear something that ugly in my life. It's funny because now their like my favorite pieces and I had to beg them to give it to me haha.

Cloth: What vintage trend do you wish would come back in style?

Mothi: This one is hard. I don't follow a lot of trends, but the ones I like the most are back already I guess. I've always been a big fan of 90's fashion and hair styles. I just love them!

Cloth: What are your plans for the future in terms of profession?

MothiI would love to be a stylist for a big magazine one day, but now the magazines are going away I'm not really sure what I want to do. Maybe stylist on sets.