Meet Sampada

Name: Sampada Nandyala

Age: 21

Location: New Jersey

Schooling: Rutgers University, Pharmacy Student

Cloth Usernamesampzandsuch

ClothTell us a little bit about your style?

Sampada: I have a problem where I like every kind of style aesthetic out there. One thing remains constant, however: I cannot say no to prints. But this fall, I hope to shy away from the busy and opt for the more simplistic. I've been loving the athletic minimalism trend.

ClothWhat are your current favorite beauty products?

SampadaMake Up For Ever's Smoky Extravagant Mascara is brilliant! I've never had a curl hold so long before, even for a non-waterproof formula. I'm also a huge fragrance enthusiast and Prada's Infusion d'Iris EDP is fantastic. If chic could be a smell, this is it.

Cloth: What is the most fun part about being a fashion blogger?

SampadaMy favorite part is definitely the outfit creation process. I do not plan outfits particularly for my blog posts, but being a fashion blogger pushes me to get creative and offer something new to the plate every time.

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing?

Sampada: Am I cheating if I say family members' closets? If we are speaking strictly about stores, I would have to say department stores have some great gems. The perpetually trendy fast-fashion stores have pieces that are affordable and available, but not enough people give department store clothing credit! They are bound to last a while because of their better quality and they are often discounted; it's a win-win situation.

ClothDo you have any plans for the future, in terms of profession?

Sampada: I hope to snag a position in the pharmaceutical industry, but sometimes working at a hospital intrigues me as well. Either way, I definitely plan to work in fashion in some way or another. I'll never give up my love for style!