Meet Birdie

Name: Birdie Liau 

Age: 18 

Location: Singapore 

Schooling: University Of Bradford 


Cloth Username: birdieliau 

Cloth: What age did you start on your fashion journey? 

Birdie: Since I was young, I loved to piece together different clothing or cut clothing out of cloth and try it on myself but when I started my fashion journey seriously, it's was when I was 16. 

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Birdie: My personal style, main aim would be comfort. It's more of the girl next door, sweet and bright colors kind of style with pale color as the focus. 

Cloth: What's one of your favorite current beauty products? 

Birdie: My current favorite beauty product is Étude House Mineral BB Cream, it's one of the beauty products that I always wear when I am out.

Cloth: Do you have a food spot in your town you would like to tell us about?

Birdie: I'm such a food lover and to narrow down to a single food spot in my area will be so hard but recently I discovered a wonderful Korean restaurant which I did talked about in my blog. It's known as Manbok, the restaurant has the best Cold Noodle 내면 and Kimchi Jiggae 김치찌개 in town with affordable prices. I always visit the shop whenever I have cravings for Korean food! 

Cloth: What vintage trend do you wish would come back in style?

 Birdie: I can't choose between plaids or lace but I wish it actually will come back in style!