Meet Georgie

Name: Georgie

Age: 21

Location: Manchester, UK

Profession or schooling: University student

Cloth usernameliquoricepearls

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Georgie: 90s throwback tumblr goth haha!

Cloth: I love cute prints and pastel colours but at the same time I love gothic/punk influenced things - tartan, spikes, velvet and leather. Sometimes I'll dress in all pastels and other times in all black - my style is a bit of a mish mash really.

Cloth: I noticed you are learning to read japanese, how is this new skill evolving in your life?

Georgie: It definitely helps encourage my interest in Japanese fashion, being able to read Japanese blogs and magazines a little. I'm also moving to Japan soon for year of studying abroad so I really hope my language skills will improve a lot!

Cloth: What are the beauty products that you are currently in love with.

Georgie: MAC Liquidlast liner in point black never gets old, I always go back to it because of how crazy long-wearing it is. Also Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipsticks and Topshop lipsticks are seriously good - I'm currently amassing a collection of the Topshop lipsticks, I believe I'm up to about 10 now.

Cloth: What item of clothing in your closet has the best origin story?

Georgie: Probably my Jeffrey Campbell Litas in the black leather spike, I actually sold off a pair of plain black leather Litas just to be able to buy them! They're the most expensive fashion related item I've ever bought but they've definitely been used enough to justify the price. They've also been through the trauma of being left in a freezer overnight as a hilarious prank by my boyfriend's housemates - apparently they were literally a block of ice but there was no damage to the shoe whatsoever, luckily I didn't find out about this til months after...

Cloth: How does living in Manchester influence your style?

Georgie: The sheer amount of shops available compared to my hometown in the english countryside means I have so many more choices when it comes to developing my style, also Manchester has a few really cool punk/goth/cyber goth clothing shops in a place called Afflecks' Palace which I love visiting. Not to mention they have a huge Topshop which often holds student discount events. It's such a big city that I definitely feel more comfortable to dress more adventurously than I would in my hometown.