Meet Joana

NameJoana Sá


Location: Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Profession or Schoolingdegree in Product Design and master in Engineering and Industrial Management, I’m actually working on my master area


Cloth Username: Jo

Cloth: Tell us about something you wear that you can't live without? 

Joana: I love to wear dresses, shorts and skirts, but I just can’t live without jeans! I have so many types of jeans and in different colors and I use them all the year for work, shopping or go out! In addiction this is one of the best basics ever cause you can combine it with lots of other pieces and get so many different styles, since classic to rock! Jeans are just perfect, my favorite models are the skinny and the boyfriend jeans, this two can be combined with heels and classic tops for a more chic look or flats for a casual one, and if you want a sporty look just change tops to printed t-shirts and heel to sneakers!

Cloth: How did you get started blogging? 

Joana: I start following some fashion blogs, and I visited them every day! I loved to talk about fashion and this blogs with some close friends and them they started encouraging me to create my own blog, to show my own looks too! Jo & Company Style had never been a blog just to talk about my daily looks, despite I know that my followers love this kind of publications. I also love to show other things, like my workouts, some fashion shows where I’ve been, some places I like, some pieces I was looking for and street style inspiration, or my “New in!” publications where I show the new pieces I bought.

Cloth: What is your morning ritual? 

Joana: In the morning, during the week, I have a really rigorous routine, I always do the same things. I don’t spend much time preparing me to going out home for work, I don’t put make up and I confess that sometimes I just gave a touch on my hair in the car, but every morning I love to eat my fruit smoothies with seeds! Is the only thing I try to do all the mornings, whit time, unhurried, while I’m watching the news!

Cloth: In your opinion, what are the top three trending brands that you think are the most successful right now? 

Joana: In the fast fashion market I really love and appreciate Zara, more than low prices and amazing pieces inspired on the high couture collections, Zara have an amazing and insight business strategy, for me this is really interesting and the key of his success. Chanel, cause Karl is just a genius and always can reinvent the tweed! Chanel’s shows are always the best! Would love to went to one of this one day! And at last Isabel Marant, cause she have that french “je ne sais quoi” vibe, I think his pieces are always casual and bohemian but so effortless chic at the same time!! I think you never go wrong in Marant!

Cloth: What fictional or historical personality has the best style?

Joana: Fashion and trends are cyclical, so I don’t seek for inspiration in any fictional or historical personality, because many of them just follow the trends! And what was super cool and fashion some years ago could be a perfect disaster today. I like to think about style as a personal characteristic, and you can have it or not. Carine Roitfeld is one of my inspiration, she’s the proof that you don’t have to be extremely gorgeous or wear all the last trends to be the best! For me the French woman do it really well, and I'm thinking now about Géraldine Saglio, Capucine Safyurtlu or Emmanuelle Alt!