Meet Cassie

Name: Cassie Carello

Age: 26

Location: Dutchess County, NY

Profession: Bartender, bunny mother.

Cloth Username: mouthlikebukowski

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Cassie: The best way to describe my personal style, is trying to be as cool as my Mother at my age, and even now.

Cloth: What’s your definition of fashion? 

Cassie: My definition of fashion? Something to get out of bed and be excited about. I wake up and even if I have a bunch of shitty stuff to do, or a super long day ahead; if I know I've got a comfortable, cool outfit in makes all the difference. 

Cloth: Tell us about a typical day in your life.

Cassie: A typical day in my life starts with black coffee. After that, I typically get in my old Volvo (Loretta) and drive to work, where I manage a bar in Wassaic, NY. It's kind of the best, I get to work with my friends and play the best records all day. And you can't beat the locals. If I'm off, I'll usually try and find some nature to be in.

Cloth: Do you like dressing for the winter season? If so, describe your favorite items to 
wear and why?

Cassie: Winter is my favorite season to dress for. For so many reasons. Vintage fur, leather boots, wool sweaters. Being bulky and bundled up and being able to shed layers when you finally duck in some where warm, it's like getting to sport a bunch of different outfits in one day. I even bring a second hat to change it up, sometimes. Go from a beanie to a giant fox fur hat. It keeps things interesting. 

Cloth: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Cassie: One thing people don't know about me: when I was a kid, ten or so, my Mom took me to this concert in Kingston, NY. Rick Danko from The Band was playing, and he ended up locking himself out of his tour bus while we were standing in line. Being a small child, he proceeded to ask me to climb through the open window of the bust (via being hoisted onto his shoulders) and unlock the door from the inside. I did. I am a huge fan of The Band as an adult. My Mom always took me to the most rad shows, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, CSNY. I'm a lucky gal.