Meet Chloe

Name: Chloë Davis

Age: 23

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Schooling: Psychology Student

Cloth UsernameWardrobequarry


Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Chloe: I like to dress sophisticated with an edge. I don't pay a lot of attention to accessories so I try to make the most out of using eclectic patterns and detailed pieces to form the basis of my outfits. I love button up shirts, flippy skater skirts and frayed vintage denim shorts. There is nothing better than an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable.

Cloth: Do you feel that living in South Australia currently influences your style?

Chloe: Yes and no. I believe it is impossible not to be inspired by your immediate environment. For starters, the weather/season dictates a great deal on what you can and can't wear. In saying this, the city of Adelaide is not the most fashion forward city. This used to hold me back from wearing what I wanted to wear due to fear of looking overdressed. These days I gain the majority of my inspiration from the World Wide Web and I don't let the city of Adelaide warrant what I can and can't wear (unless it's pouring with rain).

Cloth: As an artist, what inspires you?

Chloe: All of my interests and passions overlap to form my inspirations. I can find inspiration in the most mundane objects and the deepest ideologies all at the same time. Currently my artwork is greatly inspired by my studies in psychology and my personal encounters with mental health.

Cloth: In terms of travel, what are three cities would you love to travel to and why?

Chloe: Sadly, I am yet to leave Australia although I do have an ample thirst for travel. As a first generation Australian, I've always wanted to visit my English heritage, therefore, London is big on my list! I'd be happy to visit just about any city in Canada after seeing my mother's travel photographs from before I was born. Finally, what fashion enthusiast wouldn't want to visit New York? It'd be quite logical to hit the latter two birds with one stone.

Cloth: What are favorite current beauty products?

ChloeI love my cat eyes, so I have unquestionably tested just about every eyeliner product under the sun and I cannot get past NYX's "Super FAT eye marker". It is unbelievably easy to apply. My favourite nail product of all time would have to be Revlon's "Quick Dry Base Coat" because it creates a sticky base that makes any colour last ten times longer.