Meet Michelle

Name: Michelle Sanjaya

Age: 18

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Schooling: College Student

Cloth Username: BooItsMichelle

Cloth: What age did you get started on your fashion journey and what has inspired you along the way?

Michelle: 12 years old and I was inspired by some artists' MV and magazines.

Cloth How would you describe your personal style?

Michelle: Swaggie, girly, tomboy added with my own twist.

Cloth What are three items of clothing in your wardrobe you can't live without?

Michelle: Tartan shirt, boyfriend jeans, snapbacks.

Cloth: What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment?

Michelle: Maybelline's color tattoo in barely branded, NYX's eyeshadow in Hawaiian coffee, Tonymoly's black gel eyeliner.

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing, where you live now?

Michelle: I've been eyeing on local cts that was produced by our locals here a lot lately and probably some thrift stores.