Meet Neha

Name:  Neha Gandhi

Age:  30

Location: Boston


Profession/school:  Business Analyst for a multinational company & author of Love Playing Dressup

Cloth: What are the biggest clothing differences between Bombay where you grew up, and Boston where you currently live and how has living different places affected your wardrobe choices?

Neha: The biggest difference in the clothing between Bombay & Boston is the art of layering. Bombay has a tropical weather all year round so cotton is always in style whereas living here in New England for 10 years has taught me to keep my shorts & sweater handy at all times. Besides, the fashion in India always involves a lot of color and print - I have more neutrals in my closet here now than I ever had back in India.

ClothHow would you characterize your personal style?

Neha: Comfort is the pivot of my personal style but never compromising chic. I'd rather be overdressed at a party than be under-dressed.

Cloth: What item of clothing in your closet has the best origin story?

Neha: Ah..This is a good one. I do have a soft spot for clothes in my closet that have a story behind them. My mom's red wedding sari was sitting unworn for so long - she let me use it and get a dress made out if it. It has the most intricate gold embroidery the kind that never goes out of fashion. After over-wearing the dress - we transformed it into a skirt and I use the rest of the sari as a stole. I am planning to get it dyed into some other color as the red is fading now and revamp into something else.

Cloth: From your personal experience, what would you advise the future generation of women in the fashion and blogging industry about body image?

Neha: I have struggled with a negative body image myself ( still do at times - full disclosure ! ) but have slowly realized that acceptance is key. We NEED to accept our bodies as is and realize that there is more to life beyond the sample size body. I am proud of the fashion and blogging industry to have a voice on this subject today. My advice would be to stop obsessing over "needing" to have a particular body type and dress-up the way that makes you feel comfortable - self-confidence will not be far behind!

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing?

Neha: The fabric market in Bombay! I love shopping for fabrics and getting them stitched. Nothing beats the fact that I can get any piece of cloth ( with the help of my tailor of course ) into a dress of my own design and custom size.