Meet Emmie

Name: Emmie Schmuck

Age: 18

Location: North East England 

Schooling: full time student and fashion blogger

Cloth Username: emmielois

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Emmie: I’m definitely more of a tomboy when it comes to my personal style. I will choose trousers and jeans over skirts and dresses any day, but only if they are high waisted; that’s what being 5”1 does to you! I love oversized, slouchy cuts and tend to keep to a more muted colour palette; nothing too garish. I also have a vast collection of casual t-shirts and collared shirts that seem to be my ‘go to’ if I am struggling to pull an outfit together. I will always try to wear things with a little unique twist too. I’m also a big fan of rings and broaches.

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing?

EmmieHaving a good rummage around at home. For example, I found two items of clothing in my mum’s wardrobe that she had kept from when she was younger that I absolutely adore and now frequently wear! So I would always advise people to ask around the family first to see if you can find any vintage gems before even stepping foot in a thrift shop! 

Cloth: Tell us about a typical day in your life.

Emmie: On a typical weekday, I live the mundane life of a student. Homework, revising, learning and all that jazz. So on a typical weekend, I like to focus more on my blog. On Saturdays I always try and get up bright and early to do an outfit post (or whatever I want to be putting on my blog that week). I will create an outfit that I want to feature, take pictures, then pick which ones I want to use, edit them and upload them onto the blog. After that I will promote it through social media. I also use this time to catch up on other people’s blogs, so I will sit with my lunch and have a good read! I’m also a resident fashion writer for a local website, so I use my weekends to try and brainstorm different articles to email to them. When it gets to the evening I like to spend quality time with my family. We all tend to be out and about doing different things during the day so it’s nice to re-group on the night and find out about what we have been up to. 

Cloth: What item of clothing in your closet has the best origin story?

Emmie: I have a pair of high waisted blue leather trousers that I found a few years ago in a really cool vintage shop in Scotland. The shop assistant told me they are about 60 years old; I love to think that even 60 years ago there was a girl daring enough to rock blue leather!

 Cloth: What is the inspiration for the name of your blog?

Emmie: When I had longer hair I would frequently wear it in a topknot style, and for some reason my mum used to always say “topknot fringe and a whatnot!” to me when I did (because I also have a fringe, or ‘bangs’ as Americans say!). I was sat in my room one day when I was trying to brainstorm name ideas for my blog. Mum came in my room, saw I had a topknot in, she said it to me… and boom! The rest is history!