Meet Leslie

Name: Ngadimpovi Leslie

Age: 24

Location: Paris

Schooling: Student in Business School

Cloth Username: mamasparis

Cloth: Tell us a little bit about your style?

Leslie: My sense of style varies greatly depending on my mood and the weather. During the summer time I put around dresses and shorts, jeans sometimes when it is cooler, accompanied heels or sandals. My outfits are often very casual because I like to be comfortable in my clothes. I love vintage pieces associated in my looks, I think it gives something a little more to my outfits.

Cloth: What age did you start blogging?

Leslie:  started blogging at the age of 22, to be honest it was last year, after I returned from my vacation in the United States in August (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc.) with friends. Friends gave me praise for my looks and my tips that I proposed when coming home in Paris, and asked me the fateful question "why not do you create a blog to share what you love ? ". It was a question I already ask before but I did not dare either run me, maybe for fear of judgment of people or just shyness. Last September, I finally started and I am happy to share with my readers what I like to do in my life, share my looks and share my good Parisian plans.

Cloth: What fictional or historical personality has the best style?

Leslie: Olivia Palermo has the best style because it combines chic and casual outfits that I love. Often it inspires me for my looks.

Cloth: What is your favorite hidden gem source of great clothing?

Leslie: My favorite hidden gem source is my jacket vintage Tara Jarmon I dug in Tatters, it is well fitted gray ash.

Cloth: Describe a typical day in your life.

Leslie: In the morning I get up, I take my breakfast and at the same time I look at my emails and I responded to the comments on my blog. Then I look for inspirations for my future articles on my blog. I prepare and I go to my school. When I finished my course, I joined friends in the Marais district of Paris, for a drink or shop. I always have my camera with me because you never know if I find a nice place to do a photoshoot improvised or simply take a picture of people on the street. 
Then I often go to the Opera area to eat with my friends or in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Près. At night, when I'm done I go home, I load my pictures on my computer to prepare for my future article the next day.