Meet Tara

Name:  Tara Violet Niami

Age: 21

Location: Brooklyn

Profession or Schooling:  Pratt Institute (taking a BFA in Photography)


Cloth Username: taraviolet

Tara Niami is a fine art photographer who is about to graduate at Pratt and is an aspiring filmmaker. She also aspires to be a cinematographer and someday a director. I believe she will do all of these things and more. 

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style?

Tara: A Victorian school girl/a fairy tale heroine with an edge, mixed in with Annie Hall. I find it fun to go between more traditionally feminine outfits and menswear. I am infatuated with vintage clothes that I find scavenging through eBay, vintage and thrift stores and flea markets. The most fun piece of clothing to wear is my red Austrian wool cloak that my mother used to wear when she was my age. Often people find my style pretty eclectic but it is just very me!

Cloth: To you, in terms of style what are the biggest differences between Los Angeles and New York?

Tara: Los Angeles style, because of the warm weather and more relaxed pace is generally more casual and more subdued. That isn’t a bad thing it’s just different! I enjoy the 1960’s/1970’s New Age style that I have seen come back in style. New York style I find much bolder (people push the envelope more) and more ‘sharp.’

Cloth: At what age did you gain you interest in fashion?

Tara: I have always loved clothes! When I was 14 I started posting my outfits in Wardrobe remix on flickr and in forums on Teen Vogue’s website. I think my interest in fashion is just a more grown up version of dressing up I did when I was a child as I often think of the way I dress as playing different characters.

Cloth: Tell us why you moved to NYC and what impact it has had on your life so far?

Tara: I moved to NYC because I loved my school and thought it was the best place for me to study my passion, photography. Also I love the city’s atmosphere. I love the bustle, the chaos, the wildness of it. It is such an inspiring environment to live in and make art in.

Cloth: As an artist, what influences your work the most?

Tara: I am most inspired by film-challenging, and heart-breaking dramas and poetic realism. I the idea of distilling the sense of a narrative into still images. I also am generally inspired by the past, often the ancient past- Pre-raphaelites, the photographs of the turn of the century, literature (Wuthering Heights for example, left a big impact on me) and much more.