Meet Ashley

Name: Ashley Ording

Age: 30

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Profession or Schooling: Web Stylist for Anthropologie


Cloth Username: ashleyording

Cloth: How would you describe your personal style? 

Ashley : Feminine with a sense of humor. I tend to be a maximalist and gravitate towards weird seventies colors, exaggerated shapes, and always sequins and embellishment.

Cloth: In terms of style, what are the biggest differences between San Francisco and Philadelphia? 

Ashley: San Francisco is, not surprisingly, a free spirited place sartorially. I see a lot more people wearing vintage pieces and daring to stand out there, which I love. In Philadelphia there is a split between a more buttoned-up style and straight up pajamas during the day. I do work with a lot of stylish people at the Anthropologie home office, but outside of that world I do feel like I stick out a bit more than I’m used to in all of my vintage garb. Interestingly people in Philadelphia are much friendlier than people in San Francisco and they do throw out genuine compliments more frequently when they see someone wearing something they enjoy.

Cloth: What age did you start blogging and how did you come up with the concept behind your blog? 

Ashley: I was probably about 24 or 25 when I started Fancy Fine, although I had already been “blogging” since I was 13 (before it was even called a blog and I was just an acne-plagued teenager wearing 1980’s polo shirts).  I was following a few fantastic style blogs right at the very beginning of that phenomenon, and it inspired me to start one of my own as a place to share the vast amount of vintage that I have collected over the years. I almost talked myself out of doing it because I feared it would just be a tiny drop in a huge bucket, but fortunately I did it anyways and am constantly grateful for the opportunities it has given me, not to mention all of the wonderful ladies I have met as a result! So many babes, so little time.

Cloth: What are some interesting connections you have made through your blog?  

Ashley: I have made countless interesting connections at this point, and the friendships that have formed because of my involvement in the blogging community are very important to me. But, of course, having Anthropologie reach out to me three years ago and offer me a job was life changing and crazy and I still sometimes have to pinch myself really hard when I think about it.

Cloth: What advice would you give to other younger bloggers out there starting out?

Ashley: I think immersing yourself in the community in a thoughtful, genuine way is super crucial. All of those bloggers who inspire you? Reach out to them and tell them that, and why. I also found it helpful when I started to be a part of an already big community like Chictopia or because the people that appreciate your style will undoubtedly make their way to your blog to see more. I do think the blogging world has become so oversaturated that it’s probably much more difficult to have an impact now, but if you focus on creating original content and sharing what you love then you really can’t go wrong. I’m still flattered that anyone besides my mom even looks at my blog anymore.