Seth Porges
Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer

Seth spent a decade working in the media as a magazine editor, writer, and television contributor. You can see him on several shows that air on History, Discovery, National Geographic, and Travel Channel. He's also written about tech, fashion, science, and similar fun stuff for dozens of publications; including InStyle, Rolling Stone, Wired, Maxim, Men's Journal, Self, Forbes, Architectural Digest, and Popular Mechanics. He recently produced a documentary short about the world's most dangerous amusement park and sometimes gives lectures on the history of pinball.


Wray Serna
Cofounder, Chief Design Officer

Wray spent most of her career as a fashion designer and production manager. She cofounded the clothing line Ambit, and has worked at major clothing labels such as Issey Miyake. A veteran fashion blogger, she has spent a decade living at the intersection of fashion and social. She also knows a lot about obscure cheeses.

Bradford Stephens
Technical founder

Bradford was the CEO of a VC-backed distributed database company and has a long history in Big Data. An expert in distributed systems, scalability, and data science; he also once worked as a Microsoft engineer. Bradford has launched several companies and large-scale products, in fields such as analytics, logistics, and natural language processing.